Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dee Dee is Ten!!

Happy birthday, dear Dee Dee!   Happy birthday to you!    Tim and I sang that song to her this morning as we were rolling out of bed.   Tomorrow we will sing it to Elvis.   They were born an hour apart - on different days!   

We are in Michigan this week visiting family and will be stopping to see friends in Illinois and Iowa on our way home.   I've been very busy helping my parents with various things, but I've managed to get the girls to the beach to swim every day.    They LOVE it.   Especially Dee Dee.   

Last night after a wonderful dinner at the Everyday People Cafe in Douglas, MI, we watched the sun go down over Lake Michigan.   The waves were huge but Dee Dee was completely undaunted.   I'd throw a stick into the water and she'd charge in after it; the waves completely swallowing her little body.  Then she'd emerge, allowing it to push her to shore.   If she lost the stick along the way, she'd go right back in and look for it some more.   I was amazed - both at her courage and at her strength.  Princess was a little more cautious.   She's a year and a half older, and she knows her limits.   (The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.)   Elvis, of course, is an old pro .... he goes to the beach several times a week.    We attracted quite an audience of people who were watching and taking pictures.  One family actually clapped as we walked by!   When I told them how old the girls were, they were amazed.   We head for home tomorrow.   It's been a good week ... a nice mixture of work and play.