Sunday, September 18, 2016

Summer Waning .... Hello, Autumn

I say it every year, but where did the summer go??    We are experiencing an early Fall with many trees starting to change color already.    I'm not sure why that is, as it wasn't a particularly hot or cool summer, and we had near normal rainfall.   Hopefully the early Fall doesn't lead to an early Winter!

Meeting another corgi family at the Donut Shop
Due to some health issues, we did not get in a summer vacation this year, which made me especially glad for my trip to Hawaii last Spring.    We did manage to squeeze in a long weekend of camping on the North Shore in late August.   It was wonderful to get away from some of the drama happening at home, not to mention the unprecedented road construction we have experienced this summer.   We met another corgi family at the Donut Shop in Grand Marais, and one of the daughters was starting school at Concordia College - just up the street from me - the following week!   I told her she could come down for a corgi fix anytime she wanted!

High Falls on the Pigeon River
Cascade Falls
Playing at Grand Marais harbor
The days are noticeably shorter now, so we try to get out for a good walk as soon as I get home from work each day.    Last night we were down at Gooseberry Park where a local church was having their Fall kickoff with a worship band, games and food.   The food  is what drew us in!   Pulled pork, burgers, brats .... yum!   Scarlett and Zak made off like bandits - not only in the bits of pork dropped on the ground or the 1/2 of a brat that someone tossed their way - but in all the attention they received. They never lack for it, but enjoy it especially from children.   Zak thought he'd died and gone to heaven as clearly shows in these photos.   He is a charmer.   And Miss Scarlett - who turned 4 years old a few days ago  -  no longer lets him have all the attention.    After a few minutes of watching him drink it all in, she makes her move.    She is such a sweet and funny girl and has some gestures and sounds that are unique just to her.    It's been a hard summer for me.   A few friends have rallied around me and seen me through.   But I cannot understate the role that these two fur-babies have played in my survival.   I don't know what I would do without them.
A lazy Sunday afternoon

Leif Erickson Park - Duluth