Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Annual Hot Dog Walk

Each spring the Fargo Park District sponsors a fun evening at the Yunker Farm dog park where dogs compete in various categories:   tallest dog, shortest dog, best trick, owner/dog look-a-like and best dressed.  Owners are served free hot dogs and there are treats for the pups as well.  This annual event has a history of landing on a cold, rainy night but last evening was beautiful.   The sunshine and mild temperatures drew a big crowd, and the 'girls' got a lot of attention in their Doggy Diva Tshirts and colorful visors.   I'm sure we could have won the 'best dressed' category if we'd been able to hit the 5 p.m. registration deadline.  Unfortunately, by the time I get home from work, dress the girls and drive up there, it's closer to 6.   Nonetheless, a fun evening.   Dee Dee got a little nervous with that many dogs around, but Princess had a great time.   And for once, she kept her visor on!   Usually she rolls in the grass until she can get it off.   She's not into that 'girly stuff'!   But she didn't seem to mind last night, and even was willing to pose for a few pictures.

 I noticed a TV camera crew there from one of our local stations, and saw them zoom in on Princess and Dee Dee.   So I was very excited to watch the newscast and see a clip of the girls.  However, my excitement turned to sheer horror when the news anchor referred to them as "weener dogs"!!!   Before the credits had finished rolling, an Email message was flying through cyberspace, informing Kirsten of the difference between a Dachsund and a Corgi!