Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Miss Scarlett!

This beautiful girl turns two years old today!   Scarlett has been a wonderful addition to our family.   She has a sweet personality, can be quite comical at times and is very obedient.   She loves to be told she's a 'good girl'.    Scarlett will crawl up on your lap, unprompted, and is very affectionate.    She has learned from Princess that the house next door is a good place to go for treats, and will often follow her over there.   She gets very excited when she sees me grab her leash and LOVES to go for car rides or to the park.    She plays well with other dogs, always has to go on at least one 'tear' and adores Zak.  When I think back to last December, when I almost lost her, I shudder.    We may never know what it was that made her so sick, but she is in perfect health now.   I am so grateful!  

Happy Birthday, Miss Scarlett!    You are deeply loved!!