Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time to GET UP!

My girls amaze me with how much they understand. Often, when I talk to them, they will cock their head slightly to the side in a quizzical expression, as if to say, "I'm really trying to understand but you're using words I don't know." They understand phrases like "go potty", "go for a walk", "go to the park", of course, but there are many other expressions they understand as well. One of them is, "it's time to get up". Over the years they have both slept with me at different times, but I got to the point where it had to be one or the other, but not both. They would wedge me in from opposite sides, and I couldn't roll over or move much at all. And I need at least a little space when I sleep!

Last summer, Princess took a liking to the basement where it's cooler, and she is still sleeping down there most nights. Dee Dee sleeps with me, and we enjoy a little snuggle time in the morning, until I realize I've hit 'snooze' one time too many, and say, "It's time to get up!" Dee Dee springs to life and jumps off the bed. Then I say, "Go tell Princess it's time to get up" and she bolts down the stairs, pokes Princess with her nose and runs back up with Princess close behind. If Princess doesn't follow her, she runs back down, pokes her again and barks. It always makes me laugh!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Daily Corgi Fix

I don't go many places without my girls, and I haven't taken a vacation without them since 2003. But I had to leave them at home this time,  and I missed them a lot.  Elvis has never paid much attention to me; mostly because he associates me with Dee Dee, I think. (She is his sibling and unfortunately, is quite a bully when he's around.) The first night of our trip, Elvis eyed me suspiciously and thoroughly checked out my luggage, like he was afraid she was hiding in it somewhere. But over the next two weeks he warmed up to me quite a bit, and by the end of the trip, he sat on my lap and even snuggled with me in bed.  There is no doubt who is #1 in his life, however.   He and Tim have a relationship that is truly extraordinary, and it is not uncommon to see the two of them having a 'conversation' as these pictures show. Elvis watches and listens to Tim so intently and his loyalty is something to behold. Tim is on sabbatical this semester and has been traveling around the country with Elvis, doing their "Do Dogs Know Calculus" talk.
On this trip, we got to see them give it at three different colleges. Elvis takes this job very seriously and is totally 'at home' on a college campus. Even when we were out doing touristy things, it is very common for admirers to strike up a conversation with Tim and they're always fascinated with the "Elvis" story.