Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Six Months Old !!

Tomorrow will be the six month anniversary of Elvis' trip to the Rainbow Bridge.   We didn't know it at the time, of course, but as Elvis was leaving this world, another little boy-corgi was entering it.   Today is Zacchaeus' six-month birthday!   He was almost seven weeks old when I got him and weighed less than three pounds!   He was so tiny, so fragile and SUCH a baby.   And  he grew SO fast!   I remember how skinny he was at first.   I was afraid I wasn't feeding him enough and even asked our veterinarian about it.  She assured me he was right on track.   His little mid-section would fill out when he ate; then he'd take a nap and when he woke up he was thin again and noticably longer!   He was literally growing before my eyes!
October, 2013

January 28, 2014
Zak had several growth spurts when he just couldn't seem to get enough to eat!   He is now twenty pounds and almost as big as the girls!  He's happy, confident and affectionate.   He loves to play (especially with Scarlett) but he does have an 'off' button and when he's tired, he becomes a soft and cuddly snuggle bunny.    He lost his baby teeth several weeks ago and now has a beautiful set of pearly white adult teeth.    Zak loves to chew and a cardboard box is his favorite toy!!    Thank goodness for a good vacuum cleaner!

Zak is unphased by the brutally cold winter.   He loves to play in the snow.  He also has the same disgusting habit of eating 'poop-cicles' that most corgis in this climate do.   I'm not as diligent about picking up poop when it's -20 degrees as I should be, so suffice to say - he's had his share!   Thank goodness, he loves to have his teeth brushed!   That poultry flavored toothpaste has him completely fooled!

I think back to those early weeks and marvel at how quickly they went by!   Like a new Mom, I am a little sad that he grew so fast and wish I could cuddle that 4 lb bundle of fur just one more time!  But he is easier now.   He's house broken, he sleeps through the night (most of the time) and he's learning to mind.   I am excited for Spring and look forward to being outdoors more.   Unfortunately, that is still a couple months away!     

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby, it's COLD outside!!!

 It is a classic January day in the Northern Plains.   The HIGH temperature today is supposed to be around -20 degrees (F) and that is NOT the windchill; it's the actual air temperature.   With windchills down in the -60 degree range, it's a weekend to stay home, make soup and play with the dogs!   They go potty pretty fast when it's this cold, and I give an extra measure of grace for an occasional accident!   I don't tie Princess up when she goes out, but even she is tied up when it's this cold.   She loves to go next door to my neighbors but sometimes they're not home and she'll stand on their back deck and patiently (or not-so-patiently) wait.   I can't have her doing that when it's this cold!

 We had a wonderful Christmas!   Due to Scarlett's illness in December we were not able to travel to Michigan as planned, but my brother came here for four days.   It was his first time to meet the puppies and he loved them (and vice versa).   Zak was all over him; somehow sensing that there was another guy to hang out with!   The four days that he was here were a temporary break from the sub-zero temperatures so we spent a lot of time outside.    It was good for body and soul! 

Zak in a Box

Scarlett is doing well.   She's off her medicine, and her blood will be re-checked in a month to determine if she has Von Willibrand's Disease.   If everything comes back normal, then we'll go with the assumption that she ingested some kind of poison, though we may never know what it was. 

Zak had his 'little boy' surgery on Friday which was kind of an emotional day for me, as I just hate to see him grow up!   He is 18-1/2 lbs now - a pound more than Princess weighed when I got her (at age 18 months).   He is only FIVE months old!   He's not overweight, but is solid and muscular - a very healthy boy.   The worst part of the surgery for him was not getting any breakfast on Friday.  He was MAD!!!  I made him scrambled eggs and boiled chicken that night so hopefully he has forgiven me!  I'm also hoping that is the last veterinary bill for a long while!    It's going to take a while to recover from 2013, but I have no regrets.   These dogs bring so much joy and they are worth every penny I spend on them.

Tim and Zak work on a plumbing project
As you can see, one is doing the work and the other is giving directions