Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Music Festivals

One of the special treats of summer is the chance to take in some open air concerts.  There’s something  about listening to live music on a warm summer afternoon, corgis snuggled up beside me, breeze blowing through my hair, that is a delight to the senses.   I enjoy folk festivals in particular, but very few of them allow dogs.   We have found one in Wisconsin that does, and have been there a couple of times.

Hanging out with our friend Marilyn
Today, however, we enjoyed some outdoor music closer to home.  Our local MPR station, KCCM, hosts a classical music festival the first weekend of June at Rheault Farm, and we took that in today.  We ran into my friend Marilyn Proulx and it was fun to hang out together.    The music is light fare;  Americana, light classics such as Steven Foster and George Gerschwin, as well as a jazz band and local choral group.    It was a fun afternoon and Scarlett and Zak had a blast.   They looked so cute in their sun visors and, as always, attracted a lot of attention.  They were very well behaved, snuggling up to anyone who was willing to scratch their ears.

Equal time, please!
Puppy love
May was a very intense month for me with some health issues and a traumatic experience that has been pretty heavy.   I have been so grateful for my little four-legged therapists.   They've kept me focused and have given me lots and lots of unconditional love. 
I love my sweet fur-babies.

Enjoying the music