Sunday, February 15, 2015

Snow - Better Late than Never!

It's interesting that I started that last post commenting on how cold January was, because right about that time, we began an extended warm spell.   January thaws typically last one or two days around here.  This one lasted two full weeks.   It was wonderful!    But the little bit of snow we had quickly disappeared and for the past month, it's looked like more like early Spring than mid-Winter.   That all changed this week.   We finally got a couple of good snowfalls (nothing compared to Boston, mind you!) and a push of Arctic air behind it.   We usually have at least a few winter days with sub-zero highs, and we're in a stretch of that now.   On top of that, the wind has been pretty fierce so it is REALLY cold!   This morning, after shoveling two inches of fresh snow that had blown itself into a concrete drift in the driveway, the puppies and I played in the yard for about an hour.   I've found a great toy for playing in the snow.   It's called a Hol-ee ball and it's large enough, and light weight enough, that it doesn't disappear in a snowdrift.  In the house, I put a Milkbone in it, and it provides entertainment and mental exercise for about an hour.