Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Musings

We got our snow late, enjoyed playing in it for about three weeks and now it's gone!   The best kind of winter, in my opinion.   We had several cold snaps, and February was especially cold but we've been breaking records (highs) for the past week and it definitely feels like Spring!   It doesn't look like Spring yet with brown grass and no leaves but that will come eventually.   We've been to the dog park every day this week.   We were stepping over (and occasionally into) mud puddles at first but they have dried up now.   Zak had great fun playing with this 12 week old Siberian Husky last week, and the last two times we've been to the park, he has had a blast racing a one year old Pit Bull along the fence line.    I won't let my dogs play in a pen with Pit Bulls but with a fence between them - well, they've both had great fun and I've been amazed that Zak can totally keep up with Chole!

Dan and Zak
My brother Dan was here (all the way from China) last week and Scarlett and Zak had so much fun with him.   I think it was mutual.   We're looking forward to a few more times together with Dan before he has to return in August.  

Dan and Scarlett
Yesterday would have been Princess' 16th birthday.   I miss her so much - especially this time of year, when she went to work with me.   Whenever the temperature was between about 40 and 70, she'd go with me, spend the day in the car (windows open, of course) and we'd go for a walk and share lunch together.    Sweet girl - great memories.

Finally, THIS is where Zak lies when he wants to play (which is most of the time) or otherwise, just wants my attention.   Yes, I know that sitting at a desk would solve the problem, but I've always preferred sitting on the floor.   He's too smart for his own good, but I did manage to get the upper hand this week.    He's too big to be left in a kennel for nine hours a day, but I don't want him having the full run of the house yet either.   My bedroom door has a very weak latch and he's been able to get it open.    I finally figured out a solution.  I attach a bungy cord to the outside doorknob, stretch it across the hall and attach the other end to the bathroom door.   It works like a charm, so now he and Scarlett can play in the bedroom during the day when I'm at work.   I put up things like dried flowers and boxes of kleenex (his favorite thing to destroy) and leave toys in the room for them.    So far there has been no damage and no accidents.  A Mom couldn't be more proud.