Saturday, November 20, 2010

Did you get that?!?

The falling snow and plummeting temperatures tell me that we're making the transition from Fall to Winter.   Actually, I don't mind either of those things so much, but I really hate the short days.   There's about a 3 week period when I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.   The only positive thing about that is that I sometimes see brilliant sunsets in my rearview mirror as I drive home in the late afternoon.   North Dakota has THE BEST sunsets .... combination of low horizon and combine dust in the air.   They can be simply spectacular.

I enjoy evening walks with the girls, but we all look forward to the weekend when we can go to the park in daylight.   A couple hours ago, I told the girls we were going to the park 'pretty soon'.   They know that 'pretty soon' means we are going - but not right now.  But they follow me from room to room in anticipation.   A few minutes ago, while folding a load of laundry, I tripped over them for about the fourth time today.   I looked down and said, "You know, I would work faster if you two girls weren't attached to my heel."   They looked at me with blank expressions, so I repeated it.   They cocked their heads to the side, and looked at each other with the funniest expression, as if to say, "Did you get that?" 

This is a short post ... because, well .... it's going to be dark in another 20 minutes and we still haven't been to the park.  Better run ....