Thursday, January 15, 2015

Man of the House

January has been a quiet month; cold - and not much snow.   We got about an inch one day last week and Scarlett was so excited.   She tore around the yard, burying her head in it and popping up with a smile.    This, my girl from Alabama!   Go figure!

Zak and I play with his ball every evening in the living room.    If he's feeling neglected, he will lay his head down on my laptop or drop his ball on the keyboard!  He's loving and well behaved and charms everyone.   Hasn't had an 'accident' in the house in about six months now.   So nice to have that behind us!    I saw an ad online, featuring a corgi and some houndstooth merchandise.    Since I love houndstooth, myself, I decided to do a photo shoot of Zak with some of my stuff.    He sat so nicely for me while I snapped about a dozen pictures!   Pretty handsome boy, if I do say so! 

We hope that everyone had a good Christmas.   I was in Michigan with my brothers, and we had a great week together - although a rather large wet blanket was thrown over our Christmas Eve when I learned that my dog care provider, back home, had bailed on us!  Thank goodness for neighbors who, in spite of having a small house and both having to work, were willing to step up to the plate.   They are the best!

I have a four day weekend coming up and it's supposed to be in the 30's!   Around here, that is warm - especially in January!    We look forward to some good romps in the park.