Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Zakki Learns to Swim!

The first of August took us back to Au Train, enjoying another week at the cabin with my brothers.   Dan is home from China for a year, and hadn't met the puppies yet.   They had a great time together.   It was a wonderful week.

Zak learns to swim

When we were at the cabin in June, we tried to get Zak swimming, but were unsuccessful.   He loved the water but was afraid to lose contact with the ground.   So last week, with summer slipping away, I was even more determined to help him conquer his fears.   We took him to a small lake a few miles from Au Train; one that is warmer and more placid than Lake Superior.  We put a life jacket on him, and enticed him to deeper water with a toy.   Then Tim pulled him around by a leash until he was comfortable.   We removed the life jacket and then dropped the leash and he was swimming!   By the end of the week, he was in Lake Superior, swimming like a champ.   He is very intentional as he wades out as far as he can, pauses and then takes a little jump into the deeper water.   It's pretty cute.    Zak swims with great speed and is very focused on retrieving.  Scarlett has a natural buoyancy with her wider hips, and Princess still loves to swim as well.  It's an equalizing activity that allows her to stay cool and doesn't stress her joints.



Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Spray Falls 
Three batches of jam!
The week went fast. We picked wild berries every day, made three batches of raspberry jam, did a bit of entertaining and enjoyed a three hour cruise of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.    I had a bit of drama with one of Tim's many kayaks; one I have named "Tipsy" after a face to face encounter with the bottom of the Au Train River!

Sunset at Au Train
Daniel and Princess
We had to leave Princess at the cabin for most of our day time outings, as she isn't able to keep up, but I tried to give her some special time of her own with my brothers.   One evening, after the puppies were sleeping, we took her down to Au Train Bay to watch the sunset with us.   She cuddled up next to Daniel and enjoyed having him all to herself.   

Zak loved all of the attention he got too; wrestling with my brothers, playing 'Fetch' and just generally being the star of the show.   He traveled much better this time, placing his back legs on the hump of the back floor and stretching the rest of his body between the front seats. I had my right arm around him, scratching his neck and he thought that was just great!   Whenever I quit, he would strategically place his head next to my arm as a not-so-subtle hint,  just like Dee Dee used to do!


Swinging Bridge at J Cooke State Park

Gooseberry Falls
On the way home, we stopped at Gooseberry Falls, and J Cooke State   Parks.  We had perfect weather all week!   Now back at home, Princess is next door visiting the neighbors, Scarlett is relaxing in her kennel and Zak is going through attention-withdrawal!   I'm busy unpacking and wondering - where did the summer go?! 

J Cooke State Park