Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White ..... May Day?!?!

Ok - this is ridiculous. I've lived in the Upper Midwest for most of my life and I've seen plenty of snow in April ... even an occasional flake in May. But this year April is going down as the snowiest month of the 'winter' - by far! Three snowstorms this month and we're starting to wonder if spring is ever going to come. We've had a few nice days ... emphasis on the word few. But these crazy snowstorms that seem to always hit the weekend ... well, it's getting a bit depressing, to be honest. The girls love the snow ... but even they were a bit bug-eyed this morning when I went to let them out and couldn't even get the door open because of the drift! April snow has a way of clogging up snowblowers too ... and it's just too darn heavy to shovel ... so I had to get professional to get the driveway cleared. Surely, this has to be the end. (We've said that now for the past three storms!) May is just around the corner; my tulips are thoroughly confused and I've been getting my camping gear ready for what I hope will be a long, warm summer. Maybe we'll just skip spring this year and go directly to summer. As much as we like to complain, a foot of wet, heavy snow is still preferable to the tornados that some parts of the country experience with alarming regularity this time of year. And the ground has thawed enough so that the snow - when it melts - will soak in, and green things up instead of running off to the river and flooding. Yep, there is a bright side ... even to a foot of new snow the last week in April.

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