Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Stormy Night in June

The weather this spring has been memorable nationwide. A couple of months ago it was the Southcentral part of the US that was being battered, and now it is the Midwest. My thoughts and prayers are with my many friends in Iowa as they face these historic floods. Seeing the pictures reminds me of the 1997 Red River flood here in my corner of the world. This evening the girls and I are in the basement since there are wall clouds and funnels in the area. I needed to do my ironing anyway! We met my brother Dan at our church camp near Brainerd over Memorial Day and dodged storms all weekend. Dee Dee hates thunder and that weekend hail was added to her long list of scarey things in life. We did have fun though. The girls (Dee Dee especially) loved climbing on the tires looking for squirrels.
One night Dee Dee asked to 'go outside' and I assumed she needed to go potty.  Wrong. She just wanted to go play in the tires some more. Never mind that it was 11 p.m. and pitch black. We don't get to see Dan very often since he works in East Asia and we had a wonderful time just hanging out with him.

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