Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Back to Normal

Things are slowly getting back to normal around here, as the flood waters recede and we begin a massive cleanup campaign. And I do mean massive. Think 5.5 million sandbags, and something like 70 miles of temporary earthen dikes. There were times when I wondered if we'd gone dike crazy, but the determination to save our communities was pheonomenal! As the dikes are torn down, a layer of slippery mud is left behind. It's a mess. But the river continues to drop, and we are looking forward to the day when the bike trails are clear and we are able to enjoy our parks again.

My sandbags were picked up yesterday .... my grass is turning green ... and my tulips have pushed up through the soil. They should be quite pretty in a week or two if the rabbits don't get them. Speaking of rabbits: enter Princess and Dee Dee. Especially Dee Dee. She is obsessed with rabbits!!! There is often a nest beneath my deck and she is fixated on that whenever she goes outside. I mentioned that during the flood, I kept the girls with me - not wanting to get separated from them. I decided to tease Dee Dee one day. I went to YouTube and pulled up a picture of a rabbit ... and then a squirrel .... and then lifted Dee Dee up on my lap so she could see them. It drove her crazy!! She could see them, but she couldn't smell them. She jumped up on my desk, determined to find them!! Surely they must be behind that monitor!!

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Nana2TyKy said...

Beth, I just love love love your blog about you and your precious babies! We feel the same way about our furbabies ( We have one yorkie named Itsy Bitsy, one chiweenie(daushound-chihuahua mix) named Pancho Meyer, one chihuahua named Dulce Mija, one himalayan kitten named Gracie Belle, one gray longhaired cat named Allie Kat, and one 14 yr old beautiful cat who looks just like a bobcat named L'il Boss Kitty. My mom has a shi tzu, named Gizmo, who is absolutely human! We talk about these furbabies as if they were children!
I plan to follow your blog! I am also a SU demonstrator and found your blog through splitcoaststampers. Thanks for the enjoyable read