Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Figuring out Fears

Is there anything about this picture that looks scary to you?   Me either.     But there is something in this scene that scares Dee Dee.   

I am getting ready to leave to Michigan this weekend, and have started setting things out that need to be packed.    Last night Dee Dee refused to come into the kitchen for her supper.    I could tell she wanted it, but was afraid of something.    I watched her as she suspiciously eyed a couple of dresses that I had hanging over the back of a chair.   Then I remembered that she has been afraid of clothing hanging over the chair before.   It's hard to even imagine what is going through her little mind that would frighten her about that.   But I was telling Tim about it and he said Elvis is afraid of loose dark-colored clothing too; especially if it sways slightly.   If he sees a woman wearing a dark colored skirt, he will run away.    Princess used to be afraid of black balloons; any other color was OK but not black.   It's so interesting to try and get inside their little minds and figure out what's bothering them. 

The girls have enjoyed coming to work with me quite a bit this summer.    They make a nice addition to our 'staff'.    Princess wanders the halls, taking naps here and there, always making her presence known when someone is heating something in the microwave or eating their lunch.     Dee Dee, on the other hand, prefers to stick close to me; hanging out pretty much all day under my desk. 

Summer is winding down, and Monday night was the annual 'dog swim' at our local wading pool.   The night before they drain the pool they allow dogs to come and enjoy a dip.   Since it was a hot night, I thought we would go.   However, in past years Dee Dee hasn't been willing to go in the pool unless I'm in the water with her.    I had hoped to get there at 5:00 when it started, but it was closer to 7:00 when we got there.   By that time there were a few ... ahem ... logs floating in the pool.   I wasn't too keen on standing in the water, or, for that matter, having my girls investigate them, so we decided to skip the dog swim event this year.    We just went to our usual park and played Frisbee instead.  

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