Monday, March 5, 2012

We finally got some snow!

 Now that March is here and everyone is in the mood for Spring, we finally got some snow!   I didn't realize how much I had missed it.  I love going for walks with the girls in the woods, listening to the crunch of the snow beneath my feet.   I love to watch them roll in the soft white carpet, dig up a stick or chase a rabbit down the trail, their barks muffled by the snowy insulation.   Evidently others have missed it too because we had lots of company this afternoon at Johnson Park.  Cross country skiers, snow shoers, youngsters sledding and dogs of all breeds were out enjoying the crisp air and fresh cover of snow.

We met a lady whose golden lab had chased a deer across the frozen Red River and she was waiting for him to come back.    My girls will take off after a rabbit or a squirrel, but they're old and slow enough now that they quickly lose interest when they realize they don't stand a chance.   The fresh air was wonderful today and we're looking forward to another romp tomorrow.  

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