Thursday, May 31, 2012

Early Summer

We've been pretty lax in posting the past few months.   Life has been busy, and I'm working on another writing project with a deadline I need to meet, so CorgiTales has taken a back seat.

June is almost upon us, although it seems like we've had a couple months of summer already!   We've been enjoying some long walks along the Red River - something that we haven't been able to do for the past few springs, due to flooding.    This year has been very dry, although we got a much needed rain over Memorial Day weekend.

A group of 10-11 year old boys has been stopping to play with the girls as they walk home from school lately.   They love playing with Princess and Dee Dee and the feeling is mutual.   My girls aren't around kids a lot, and don't particularly enjoy little kids, who are apt to be too rough, put their fingers in an eye or squeeze them too tightly.    But these kids are the perfect age.   They are gentle and respectful and the girls love them.   It takes Dee Dee all of five seconds to roll over for a tummy rub.  We'll miss their daily visits this summer.  

The adage "older and wiser" pertains not only to humans, but to dogs!   There are some things that I used to be able to get away with that I can't anymore.   I love to snuggle in bed with the girls early in the morning, before I have to get up.   Sometimes they are in the mood to join me, but more often they're not.   I used to be able to start wailing loudly (a fake cry, so to speak) and they'd relent.   But no more.   They are totally onto me and walk away with a look of disgust that says, "Get over it." 

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