Sunday, April 14, 2013

What is wrong with this Picture?

What is wrong with this picture?!?   Only the date!   We are half way through the month of April and haven't seen anything that remotely resembles Spring yet.   And today we're having a major snowstorm.   If the wind picks up a little more (which it is supposed to do overnight) it will officially be a blizzard.   We've had a bunch of them this winter.   Always on a Sunday-Monday.   It's been crazy.   I've heard that there is over six inches of water in the snowpack.   That's a lot.

We've hit 40 degrees just once so far this year, and a major flood is a guarantee at this point.   Just how bad it is will depend on how much more moisture we get and how quickly it warms up, if it ever warms up!

The girls and I have enjoyed a quiet winter for the most part.   Dee Dee has pretty severe arthritis of the lower spine, and has been going to physical therapy (along with chiropractic and accupuncture).   I'm not sure if it's helping.    For the money I've spent, I'd like to think so.    She runs better than she walks.   When she walks, she often drags her back legs.   Steps are impossible unless she gets a running start..   Dee Dee has always been an incredible problem solver and I was so proud of her for figuring that out!   If she is struggling to get up the front steps, she backs up and takes a running start.   

Princess is just getting old and tired.   I think she has some hearing loss, but it's kind of hard to tell since she has always had 'selective hearing'.   She sleeps a lot more than she used to, but is otherwise well.   I've been writing and stamping and trying to deal with a serious case of spring fever by cleaning every room in the house from top to bottom.   There's nothing else to clean - except the garage and the car!   I will get to those as soon as Spring arrives.   We're hoping it's soon!

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