Monday, March 17, 2014

Marching through Mud

I never got this dirty in Alabama!
It's that season we call 'early Spring' .... the time of year when you spot the first robin, observe daffodils pushing through the soil and exchange down parkas for canvas jackets.  In Minnesota we eventually experience all of those things, but first, we have to endure the season of mud.   Melted snow pools over the yet-frozen ground, potholes wreak havoco on your shock absorbers and sidewalks turn into skating rinks.   We won't see anything green for at least a month.   And for corgis, the season of mud is especially nasty.   Short legs and plump mid-sections are destined to drag the dirt wherever they travel.

All clean and shiney! 
After a brutally cold winter with far too few trips to the park, I was eager to get the puppies out for some exercise.  So last week, we made two trips to our  favorite dog park near the midtown  dam.   The first time wasn't bad. There were  a few puddles, but it's a large  area and most of it was still covered with compacted snow.  The puppies had a blast; especially Scarlett.   They ran with the Bassett Hounds, the Golden Retrievers and an assortment of mutts.   Scarlett practiced her herding skills and kept up with even the largest dogs.

You track it in .... you clean it up!
Three 45+ degree days later, we went again.   I should have known better.   The snow covered lawn had turned into something that resembled a freshly plowed cornfield.   I gave serious consideration to just leaving.  But there were other dogs there - a few, anyway - and their owners didn't seem to be too stressed.   And Scarlett was pulling at the end of her leash.   So we entered and against my better judgement, I turned them loose.  A large golden was begging Scarlett to give chase and she happily obliged, with Zakki in close pursuit.   Less than a minute later I knew my plans for a quiet evening at home had just been canceled.   It would be 'bath night'.   Soap, water and several large bath towels turned my blackened furballs into cuddly puppies once again.

We can't wait to go back to the dog park.  In May.

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