Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Zacchaeus!

One year old! 
I can hardly believe that this handsome boy is one year old already!    When I brought him home at 6 weeks, he was just 2-1/2 pounds and fit in the palm of my hand.

Seven weeks old
In fact, I snuck him into the food court at West Acres Mall (in my purse) and passed him around the table for my stamp group to meet.  He grew so fast over the next few months that I could literally see him change from day to day.

Zacchaeus Robert is now a big boy at 31 lbs; lean and muscular with a long back and, by corgi standards, very long legs.   He is full of puppy mischief, loves to play with anyone who will engage him but is just as content to snuggle up beside you.   Zakki loves everybody!  The only time you hear a snarl is if Princess walks too close to his kennel when he's eating.   He is very sweet to her and always gives her a good-morning kiss.   He loves sticks, Frisbees and balls of all shapes and sizes, but his favorite 'thing' to play with is Scarlett.    The chasing and rough housing show no signs of slowing down.   They love to go to the dog park and play with the other dogs there, but are always happy to get home so that the 'real fun' can begin!

Happy birthday, dear Zakki!   Happy birthday to you!!  What joy and fun you have brought into my life.

As this handsome boy was entering the world, another handsome boy was preparing to leave it. Elvis Bogart Wales left us on July 29, 2013 - just one day after Zacchaeus was born.  Of course at tthat time, we had no idea of that link. We miss him so much, especially when we're together at the cabin.   We will be there again next week, spending a few days with both of my brothers.   The weather is looking to be much warmer than it was in June.   Can't wait!

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