Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn, Nature's Loveliest Smile .......

Yunker Farm Dog Park
We've been enjoying a nice stretch of Indian Summer, which generally occurs right after a hard freeze.   As I recall, we never really got that last year, so we are especially enjoying the nice days this year.   With daylight hours waning, I rush home after work and we head to the park to get some playtime before dark.   We all sleep better at night when we've had some exercise!   Evenings have been cool; just perfect for sleeping with the windows open.   Last night was particularly lovely, with a nice breeze drifting right over my pillow.   
Maplewood State Park

With my favorite boy
A couple of Saturdays ago we made our annual Fall trek to Maplewood  and Glendalough State Parks.  It was a picture-perfect day and our friend Susan Lenthe snapped these shots of us.  We got there early enough in the day to beat the crowds and by afternoon it was warm enough that the dogs could swim.   Princess was in top form that day, easily beating everyone but Susan's border collie, Tulip, to the stick in the water.    I wanted to get Zak into the water one more time this year, to reinforce his swimming skills and was gratified to see him take right off without hesitation.   Yay!!  
With Miss Scarlett

Princess got the chills when she got out of the water. 


Jackie Randall said...

spectacular photos....well worth waiting for! nice to see your beautiful smile along with your beautiful babies looks to me as though you post once per month - and this will be a regular visit for me. so glad i found you and your corgis! you've inspired me that my "next" corgis might even be swimmers!

Beth said...

Thanks for visiting, Jackie! Yes, I try to post approximately once a month. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Minnie said...

Great pictures! Your dogs are so adorable!!