Monday, August 24, 2015

Au Train in August

Zak goes for a kayak ride

Last August, when Daniel arrived from China for a year of 'home assignment', my brothers and I gathered at the cabin in Au Train for a week.    This year we returned there for ten days, just before he goes back to China for a five year term.    Last August, we were looking forward to the coming year.   Now we are looking back on it.   It's been great to have him in the US, and we're already looking forward to (and planning for) his next home assignment!

Beach time, kayaking, berry picking, day trips to Tahquamenon Falls, Whitefish Point, and Grand Island, and many games of Rummikub filled our time together.

Tahquamenon Falls
Scarlett and Zak had not been swimming yet this summer, and I wondered if Zak would remember how.     He has no fear of the water, but losing touch with the ground was, once again, a hurdle he had to overcome.    We took him to a small inland lake, and from there, progressed to Au Train Beach on Lake Superior, enticing him into the deeper water with a stick.    At first he was quite willing to let Scarlett do the fetching and he'd wait by the shore to grab it and take the credit!   After a while, I held Scarlett back and that was all the push he needed.   He was off - swimming like a champ; going out into deeper and deeper water, undaunted by the waves.   Zak would retrieve the stick and hand it off to Scarlett in perfect  relay form - over and over again.   It was so cute!!

Sharing - corgi style

Au Train Beach
Back at the cabin, they thrived on all the attention.     Zak was always able to find someone to throw the ball or scratch his years.
Some lovin' from Dan
Hanging out with Tim
When bedtime came, he wanted to sleep with me, but first thing in the morning he'd push Tim's door open and crawl in with him for some snuggling. Scarlett and Dan had a great chemistry.   With three humans around, she didn't have to compete with Zak for attention.  
  There were plenty of tummy rubs and ear scratches for her too.
Back yard campfire

Plenty of sand to dig in

Stopping to say Hi to Paul Bunyan
We made a few stops on our trip to and from the Upper Peninsula.    I have a picture of Princess and Dee with Paul Bunyan from some years back so of course I needed the same photo with Scarlett and Zak.   And the day we went home was a hot one - so we cooled off with a stop in Duluth and a walk around Canal Park.    We've had a busy but fun summer.   There has been a nip of Fall in the air the past few days. The forecast of El Nino means we could have a mild winter here in the Upper Midwest.    At least that's what we're hoping for!

Canal Park, Duluth


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