Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter Doldrums

Winter is about two thirds over (we hope) and really, it hasn't been bad.   We had a couple of cold snaps in January where we had sub-zero highs, but we've also had some days when it's gotten above freezing.    The best part of a January thaw is getting to start the second half of the winter with a clean driveway!   We haven't had a lot of snow this winter, and the warm days turned the little we did have into compacted ice.    By mid-February, the days are long enough that if I come right home from work without running any errands, I have time to get Scarlett and Zak to the park before dark.    We all sleep better when we've had some exercise!

Where's the "Play with Puppy" ap, anyway?
Just a subtle hint

Scarlett loves to tease Zak and is always running off with his toys.   She doesn't want to play with them, but she doesn't want him to play with them either.  She wants him to play with her!   She is quite the drama queen.     Zak, on the other hand, wants to play with me.    And he knows that the best way to get my attention is to divert it away from my computer.    He will lie beside me and put his head on the keyboard, but after getting scolded too many times for doing that, he devised a couple of new schemes.   His favorite (and most effective) one is to sit next to me, lift his paw and put it directly over the keyboard, about 1/2 inch from the keys and then look up at me with a totally serious expression.   After all, he's not TOUCHING anything, so how could he get in trouble; right?

Yes, Zak, I went to Jimmy Johns.  Unfortunately, it's not for you. 

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