Sunday, July 31, 2016

Three Years Old!

Three Years Old
Where have the last three years gone?!?!  I can hardly believe it was three years ago that I brought that little 3 lb squawking fur-baby home with me.    I had no idea what to do with a brand new puppy, having gotten all of my other dogs at 8-12 months old, and, much like a new mother, I was scared to death.   With the help of a pet-nanny, we got through those first four months when Zak needed to be let out several times a day.   I'd come home for an early lunch, quickly let him out and clean up the kennel while shoving a sandwich in my mouth.  Emma would come about 3:00 and let him out again (as well as Princess and Scarlett). Having a brand new puppy, a one year old and a very elderly senior for 15 months kept me very, very busy but we got through it and had a lot of fun.  Total strangers driving down 8th Street would see him in the yard and come around the corner and ask if they could play with him.  That happened several times.   He was SO stinkin' cute.

Best Friends Forever
Zak had a ton of personality right from the start and today he is a big boy (long and rather slender by corgi standards) who thinks everyone on the planet is here to play with him!  He is a happy, active, smart three-year-old who, as I found out yesterday, is quite willing to pose for the camera.   These were taken in a friend's garden.   Scarlett and Zak ran and ran around their large country estate and had so much fun.   On the way home, we stopped in Barnesville for a walk around Whiskey Creek and they got to finish the day  with a swim and an ice cream treat.   I think Zak had a great birthday (one day late)!

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