Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!

Oh my goodness ... it has gotten brutally COLD here of late. The air temperature this morning is -26 degrees (F) and the windchill is down around -40 (F). Even for hearty mid-westerners like me (ha!) that is COLD. When Princess and Dee Dee were younger, they never seemed to mind the cold very much; they chased each other around to keep warm. But now that they're a little olders (7 and 8) they aren't as interested in spending time outside when it's this cold. Yesterday they went out several times to go potty but stayed close to the house and came right back in. Fortunately we have a big area in the basement that they can run and at least get some exercise.

But we are finding these cold winter days are good for snuggling up and just hanging out together. Dee Dee, in particular, is a great snuggler ... she will get under the covers with me and push her head into my neck and fall asleep that way. It's great!

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