Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

 Yikes ... it's been several weeks since I last posted. I guess that's a good thing ... it means winter is going fast. Not fast enough though ... it's going to be down around -30 F (and that's AIR temperature; not windchill) tonight. I've been busy though. The last weekend in January I was fortunate enough to get to attend the US Figure Skating Nationals in St. Paul with a couple of my best friends. Oh my, did we have fun! The skating was phenomenol, we had great seats (just a few rows behind "Kiss and Cry" and all the press) and stayed for the exhibition skating on Sunday night. It was all just too much fun! At the end of the special performances, Evan Lysacek (men's champion) autographed a frisbee and threw it up into the crowd. My friend Melissa and I both dove for it. I'm quite sure that Evan was throwing it to me, but somehow it went home with Melissa. Go figure!

Since then, I've been very busy working on swaps for my stamping business. This is a busy time of year for that. My corgis have been a little neglected, between all the stamping I've been doing and the cold weather. This morning they went outside to go potty and when they came back in, Dee Dee had a bare spot on her face - about the size of a dime. I'm not sure what happened, but am guessing she went to lick the clothes line pole and got her nose stuck. She hasn't complained, so it must not be bothering her too much.

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