Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

I can't believe we haven't posted since Christmas Eve! We've been hibernating! It's been so cold!! Many days we never got above zero. (Come to think of it, we haven't gotten above zero today either.) Actually, January was a busy month with a visit from my brother Dan, and several stamping events. When the girls were younger I was very committed to exercising them every day, no matter how cold it was. I must admit, I've been more complacent about that this year. We go for a short walk in the morning, but the longer evening walk has been replaced with a few minutes of playing in the yard. I have a nice, long run in the basement and corgis have such short legs, that they can get fairly tired just chasing the ball down there. We have a very deep layer of snow this year, and the girls get sore if they run in it very long. Dee Dee seems to be having more of a problem with that this year than Princess. Princess has recently become much more spry and doing things that she hasn't done for several years ... like jumping up on the bed. I'm not sure why. She's about two pounds lighter than she was a few years ago, and maybe that is the difference. She's going to be 10 years old in a few weeks ... so I'm thrilled to see her so agile at this age.

Backing up to Christmas Day for a minute .... it was kind of a long day as we were alone, but about mid-afternoon I decided to dress the girls up in their reindeer antlers and walk up to the nursing home a few blocks away to spread some Christmas cheer. I had stamped little treat bags and filled them with some healthy snacks and we handed those out to the residents who were around. They loved the girls ... and the girls loved the attention. I got this picture of them there ... they hate those antlers and always look like they are so heavy that they can barely hold their heads up. Makes me laugh!

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