Monday, March 9, 2009

March Blizzard

March is my least favorite month for several reasons; the main one being that by this time every year I'm just plain tired of winter. This winter has been quite brutal and we're getting hit with another big storm (to be followed by arctic temperatures). Tomorrow will likely be a snow day as the roads are just too treacherous to get out to the radio station, and I plan to work on some stamping projects. We have a lot of family birthdays in March and so I need to replenish my supply of cards.

The girls love the snow and never seem to tire of it. (Of course they're playing with the neighbor dog while I'm blowing out the driveway!) They are both very jealous of the other, but they show it in opposite ways. If I'm loving on Princess, Dee Dee will just come over and push her way onto my lap. But when Dee Dee is the one getting the attention, Princess will plop down, facing the wall, with one leg stuck out behind, and sulk. It cracks me up.

Tonight I was petting Dee Dee while Princess was lying in her bed, sort of half asleep. I was saying, "I just love my Dee Dee" over and over ... watching Princess out of the corner of my eye. Then, in my middle of my chant, I said, "And I just love my Princess too ..." and saw Princess' little stub of a tail start wagging back and forth, without her even raising her head. It was so cute. She doesn't want anyone (especially me) to know that she needs love but sometimes her body language gives her away. She will be 10 years old next week ... and she is ALL princess.

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