Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Bad Joke or a New Breed?

It's that time of year when we are transitioning from summer to fall, meaning you can need air conditioning one day and heat the next! We've had a beautiful September though; in fact, I think it was warmer than June, July or August! It's a very busy time of year for me at work, and I feel guilty that my girls don't get to see a lot of me. I try to make it up to them when I get a chance. Last weekend I took them to a lake where they could swim. They LOVE that! Yesterday I took them for a walk around a little lake - but one that doesn't allow swimming. For Dee Dee, that is sheer torture. Every ten steps she would pull towards the lake with eyes pleading, "Can we go in here?"

I had a very funny experience with them a few days ago. I had taken them to a fairly large park near our home, quite early in the morning. I didn't expect to see anyone there, but there was a big truck in parking lot with a lot of cameras set up and a few men standing around. It turns out they were there to film a commercial. I parked, let the girls out and they bolted across the grass, barking all the way - just as they always do. The men had a bit of a puzzled look in their eyes and one of them walked over to me, asking if we were there for the commercial. I said, "No - we're just here for a walk." "Oh", he said, "We're waiting for some people to come for a commercial, and we ordered two Great Danes. When I saw your dogs, I thought it was somebody's idea of a bad joke." I burst out laughing. "Well, these dogs are the new Miniature Great Danes."

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