Monday, September 7, 2009

Farewell to summer .... NOT!

Labor Day is generally viewed as the end of summer, but we're not about to let go of this one yet! We just haven't had enough summer yet ... in fact, the past week has been one of the warmer weeks of the season. We had a wonderful holiday weekend, visiting friends in Paul Bunyan land. My friend Laurie and I enjoyed a little kayaking, and the girls got to swim ... well, actually swim is a misnomer, as Pelican Lake is so shallow that they were able to sprint through the water to retrieve their stick.

This picture of Princess swimming beside me was actually taken a couple of years ago in Michigan. There's a funny story behind it too. My brother Tim and I took turns in the kayak while the other one had 'dog duty' (my two plus Elvis) on shore. Princess didn't like me going off without her though and kept swimming after me until Tim came out to get her. He finally tied her leash to a lawn chair so she couldn't get away (or so he thought). It worked for a while. I paddled upstream and around a bend so she couldn't see me. Eventually I turned around, came back into view and !
I saw Princess in the water, still tied to the lawn chair, swimming towards me with the chair flopping behind her. It was the funniest thing I ever saw! She wasn't making much progress, but her determination was impressive

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