Friday, January 14, 2011

A Family Christmas - Better Late than Never

This holiday season wasn't good to travelers.  That's an understatement.   It didn't matter where you were going or how you were trying to get there; the journey was destined to be a nightmare.   I had planned to drive to Michigan with the girls in December, but an 'active weather pattern' (to use the term of our meteorologist) caused me to re-consider.   In the end, I took Amtrak and went after New Years to get a lower fare.   A couple of days before I was to leave, I was notified that Amtrak had suspended travel between Whitefish, Montana and St. Paul, MN and canceled my trip.  Ugh.  Fortunately, I was able to go a couple of days later.    Amtrak was dealing with a major backlog and some significant delays so it wasn't an easy trip, but I'm glad I went.   I think that, for this year at least, it was the best option.

Of course traveling by Amtrak meant Princess and Dee Dee couldn't go with me.   I am so thankful to have next door neighbors who love the girls and are always willing to take care of them.   I don't know what I'd do without them.   This trip proved to be a major breakthrough for Dee Dee.   When I've been gone in the past, she has refused to go next door .... sometimes refusing to leave my yard or even the house.   Princess is happy enough to stay next door,  so that has left Dee Dee home alone.   She must have finally gotten lonesome enough that she decided to step out of her comfort zone, because after the first two nights, she slept next door on a little bed they made for her in the kitchen.  That made life easier for everyone!   She was very happy to see me when I got back, and spent the day sleeping on my coat!   Dog Logic 101:   If I lie on her coat all day, she won't be able to leave again!

Elvis gave the girls several nice gifts that they've had fun playing with this week.    He gets so many treats and toys as honorariums for his 'speaking engagements' that Tim shares them with us.   Elvis is really into opening gifts - whether or not they are for him.   It's quite funny.   He seems to have the surprise element of a gift figured out, and whenever someone is opening a present, he is right there.    He was quite happy with the Greenies he got from us.   Corgis love any kind of treat, but Greenies are definitely a favorite at our house.

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