Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Fun

It's been a brutally cold and snowy winter across the entire nation it seems, and in Minnesota/North Dakota we have certainly gotten our share of both.   When the girls were younger, I took them out for a walk every evening, no matter how cold it was.   But they've gotten older and I've gotten lazier and many nights we have settled for about ten minutes of playtime in the yard.   OK, some nights it's been more like five minutes!  Our back yard is a giant snowdrift, which at one point is level with the back deck.   So the girls don't need the steps; they just run straight into the snow and have made a nice little track around the yard and back to the door.   
I've been trying to make up for the lack of exercise during the week by going on a good outing on the weekend; both Saturday and Sunday, if possible.   Our favorite winter playground is MB Johnson Park north of Moorhead.  It's not an official 'dog park' but it could just as well be.   The place is a mecca for dog owners and cross country skiers (who don't necessarily like to share the same trail), but it is so large that there really is no reason we can't all get along!   We enjoy a trek through the woods, meeting lots of other canine friends along the way.    It's a great place for some winter fun. 

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