Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Outings

In the Upper Midwest, summers are short.  It's not uncommon to have snow in May, and snow in September isn't unheard of either.    So when the hot weather finally arrives, we grab on with both hands and milk it for all its worth.  Cleaning the house?  Cooking?  Indoor hobbies?   There will be plenty of time for all that, come Fall.   Summer - we spend outside.   As much as possible!

We've been to a couple of fun state-wide corgi meet-ups this summer.  The most recent one, in Blaine, was a picnic for humans at an events center for dogs!    Seriously!   I didn't know such a place existed.     Scarlett and Zak had so much fun, and I enjoyed visiting with other corgi enthusiasts.   The stories of corgi antics never end.

Scarlett the clown

I've been recovering from a couple surgeries, so we've been a bit more home bound than usual.  But tonight we had a little outing to the Sabin General Store. It's an old fashioned soda fountain in a small town about 10 miles away.    The pups and I shared a peppermint bon bon waffle cone while we watched a wedding dance that was taking place across the street.    There was a sign in the middle of the street with arrows pointing to the locations for the ceremony, the reception and the dance.   All three were in the same block!   Only in a small, rural community would you see that!    We capped off our day with a trip to the Moorhead Dog Park. It was a lovely evening with a cool breeze, but the days are noticeably shorter than they were a month ago.   Summer is going fast.

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