Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Terrific Two!!

Happy Birthday to Zacchaeus Robert!   It's hard to believe that it was two years ago that I brought that little 3 lb bundle of puppy sweetness home with me.   I remember sleeping the first night with my finger in his kennel ... the only thing that would make him stop crying.   Puppies are SO cute, but they're also a ton of work and I can honestly say I'm enjoying him more today.     I did have a little talk with him a couple of weeks ago, and explained that "2" markes the official end of puppy-hood so I expect to see some positive changes in his behavior!    Seriously, he's a pretty good boy.   He barks a lot and LOVES to play, but he has never been much of a chewer and rarely has an accident, so he is no longer kenneled during the day. That makes HIS day a lot more enjoyable, and mine too - as I know the pups are home, playing and hanging out together and not confined to a crate.

Zacchaeus Robert - 2 years old

Yesterday we took some pictures at the Yunker Farm Dog Park of Zak and Scarlett.    They are just as photogenic as my girls were.  

Later, in the afternoon, we enjoyed just chillin' in the back yard while we watched the Blue Angels perform as part of the Fargo Air Show.    So fun!   

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