Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Dee Dee

Dee Dee, who turns 8 years old today, will always be my baby. She has more grey than either Princess or I do, but those bright eyes, her zest for life and desire to please endeared her to me from the day I brought her home (in spite of the fact that she walked in the front door, went straight to the middle of the living room carpet and peed!) After I had Princess a few months I realized that I never again wanted to come home to an empty house. I thought that I'd get a second dog when Princess was 6 or 7 years old (approximately half-way through her life expectancy). But then, a few months later, I found out about Dee Dee.
She was only 8 months old and had already been in four different homes that hadn't worked out for various reasons. She was completely irresistable and I took her home 'on approval'. There were days I wondered about my decision. I wanted so badly to keep her, but she and Princess fought a lot that first summer. She was very insecure, but as the months went by and she realized she finally had a permanent home, the fights became much less frequent. Dee Dee is a very compliant dog; not particularly strong willed (unless she sees a rabbit). She loves her kennel, likes to hang out the car window when she rides, get tummy rubs and be told she is a 'good girl'. She is an awesome snuggler, and very in tune to people's moods. If I'm feeling sad, she will pick up on that right away, come over and put her chin on my knee and look up at me with big, sad eyes. My two corgis are on opposite extremes of the personality continuum! "Dee Dee", by the way, is short for Detour Dierdra (so named because the white on her back does a detour off to one side). She has a larger bone structure than Princess, so people always think she's the older of the two, but Princess is actually her aunt. Dee Dee's birthday wish list includes going to the park to chase rabbits, going swimming, then to the Dairy Queen and home for a tummy rub. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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Jenna Z said...

Happy birthday Dee Dee! You are quite a lovely corgi and it makes me happy to see you living it up!