Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Elvis!

Dee Dee and Elvis are litter mates, but they were born a day apart ... just before and just after midnight. Dee Dee is really glad she doesn't have to share a birthday with Elvis; there's a healthy dose of sibling rivalry between them and she feels like she's living in his shadow anyway! I haven't written much about Elvis on this blog (he lives with my brother in Holland, Michigan) but I will try to post some stories about him in the coming weeks. He is quite the dog ... I mean, how many dogs do you know who have an honorary doctorate degree?! (See November, 2007 posts for more .... ) Tim and Elvis are going to receive yet another award later this month. See for details on that. Today, however, we just want to wish Dr. Elvis a happy birthday and share a few of his funnier photos. Seems the boy likes ice cream.
He also enjoys sleeping with his head under the bed. Who needs mini-blinds anyway?   And sticks ... well, Elvis is legendary for his obsession with sticks. The story behind this photo is really funny. Tim and Elvis like to kayak. They also go to the beach. They go to the beach a lot. Elvis loves to have Tim throw sticks into the water so he can retrieve them. But this particular evening there were no sticks in sight. (For Elvis, a stick = something close to a branch.) So Tim told him to 'go find a stick' and Elvis dutifully trotted off looking for one. He came upon a group of kids who had built a nice bonfire on the beach and a few minutes later, Tim sees Elvis running down the beach with some kids chasing him,
yelling "Hey, give us back our firewood!"

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Jenna Z said...

Oh my gosh! I work in a corporate library at a software company and I saw Elvis on the cover of at least one journal, I think two because I just went and found one of the ones and it was a black and white picture and I clearly remember a color picture on the cover of a different journal but I can't find it now. Wow! Happy birthday to the famous mathematical corgi!