Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday Lights Parade

I took the girls to the Holiday Lights Parade this evening .... a chilly night, but not too bad, especially when you're standing in a crowd of people. And the floats were awesome ... horse-draw sleighs, lots of reindeer and of course Santa. Afterwards there was a community Christmas carol singalong on the plaza and then fireworks, which we didn't stay for. Fireworks and corgis (actually fireworks and any breed of dog, I suspect) don't mix well. My girls actually don't enjoy parades much either (too much commotion) but I haul them with me because they're so cute in their antlers. People love them!

I have to laugh because every time I put the antlers on them they act like they are sooooo heavy .... they'll just lie down flat on the floor like they are in these pictures. The crazy things probably weigh all of 3 oz!

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