Friday, November 9, 2007

Introducing Elvis

I've started this blog as a place to chronicle the adventures of my two Welsh Corgis, Princess Isabella and Dee Dee (aka 'the girls'), but I have a feeling it's going to turn into an eclectic mix of all of my interests - the 'girls', rubber stamping, my spiritual journey, travels, books I'm reading ... who knows, maybe I'll even throw in a good recipe now and then.

I need to introduce you, however, to the third corgi in our extended family, Elvis - who belongs to my brother Tim in Holland, Michigan. Elvis is actually Dee Dee's litter mate and they look a lot alike. Elvis is famous. REALLY famous. It seems he does calclulus (a nice coincidence, since Tim is a math professor). He now has learned to do bifurcations too. If you google 'Elvis, corgi, calculus', you will find over 100 articles about him. He has an honorary doctorate from Hope College
and he travels with Tim all over, giving lectures about his natural ability to choose the most mathamatically optimal path. This weekend Elvis has reached the pinnacle of his career to date. He is lecturing at Boston University to a group of students from BU, Harvard and MIT.

Sometimes it's hard for my girls to live in Elvis' shadow but they've grown used to it. Dee Dee has no aspirations to that kind of fame; she's a homebody who retreats to her kennel when there's any commotion. Besides, she can beat Elvis up quite handily. Princess, on the other hand, is so regal, so independent and confident of her importance in the world, that she isn't really bothered by Elvis either.

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Book Butterfly said...

Oh...I love your stories. What beautiful babies you have.

If you look at my blog...

Scroll down a bit and you will see a picture of my beautiful pembroke and cardigan, Bill and Lily.