Sunday, November 18, 2007

So different .....

Parents often are amazed at how different their kids can be. That also applies to corgis, I've found out. My brother and I have often commented about how my girls are total opposites and Elvis is a blend of my two. Princess is a very easy dog in that she rarely gets into trouble. However, she is extremely strong willed and independent. She minds me only to avoid being punished, and when I tell her to 'come' she comes very slowly with several stops along the way as though she doesn't want me to think that she is actually obeying. Dee Dee, on the other hand, aims to please. She wants nothing so much as to hear the words, "Good Girl". She really wants to obey ... her biggest discipline issue is impulse control.

This month both girls are having teeth pulled. Dee Dee had one extracted this past week and Princess is having one - possibly two - pulled next week. An expensive lesson learned about not giving your dogs bones to chew on (or any hard object for that matter). The teeth were infected so they are both on antibiotics. And the difference between my dogs is nowhere better noticed than when giving them a pill! It's unbelievable. All you have to do with Dee Dee is put the pill in a little piece of food (doesn't matter what it is ... doesn't even have to be buried) and she swallows the whole thing - no problem. She inhales her food, so she doesn't even taste it. Takes all of 20 seconds. With Princess, it's more like 20 minutes. You can bury it in food, crush it, do anything to it you want and she will find the pill (or pieces of it) and they come shooting out the side of the mouth! Over and over and over we go through this. I've given up on burying it in food. It's not working anyway. I'm putting the pill as far back in her mouth as I possibly can, closing it and massaging her throat - like the books tell you to do. Nine times out of ten the pill still reappears on the floor but eventually it goes down.

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